Libyan FM al-Huwaij discusses hosting the next Arab Maghreb Union’s Summit


During a meeting in Algeria with the Secretary-General of the Shura Council of the Arab Maghreb Union, Said Moghaddam, on Monday the Interim Government’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Abdelhadi al-Hawij discussed the possibility of hosting the next Arab Maghreb Union (AMU) summit in eastern Libya.

According to Foreign Minister al-Hawij, security conditions in eastern Libya are stable enough to host such an event.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed ways to engage the Shura Council in order to push the AMU to resume its activities and take a more active role with respect to Libya.

The AMU is a trade agreement that aims to promote economic and political unity amongst countries of the Arab Maghreb in North Africa.

The Shura Council of the AMU represents its legislative body. It includes thirty members from each country of the Union.