Libyan MP: Sudanese Unrest Threatens Neighbouring Countries

Libyan MP: Sudanese Unrest Threatens Neighbouring Countries
Libyan MP: Sudanese Unrest Threatens Neighbouring Countries

A Libyan MP, Jibril Awhaida warned of the continuation of the conflict in Sudan, noting that this would negatively affect Libya’s security.

Awhaida said that the conflict in Sudan “could turn neighbouring areas into areas of conflict and gang activity, as they were in the past. If the situation in Sudan escalates, the Libyan border will be a place for gangs to derive their power, and spread human, drug, and fuel trade.”

On Monday, the Head of the Anti-Illegal Immigration Agency, Colonel Mohamed Al-Khoja issued instructions to intensify the work of security patrols on the border with Sudan.

He also ordered the support of the security station at the Al-Awainat border crossing in southeastern Libya, to maintain security in the region.

The Agency explained in a statement that the decision “came as a result of the current events in Sudan, which may negatively affect the borders and be exploited by criminals and smugglers.”

On Sunday, the Head of Libya’s Anti-Illegal Immigration Agency in the eastern region, Major General Rafie Al-Barghathi said that the “continued tense situation in Sudan is doubling the displacement towards the Libyan border.”

In press statements, Al-Barghathi explained that “hundreds of Sudanese have arrived at the Libyan border individually. It is expected that the numbers will increase, if the situation continues and deteriorates.”

He stressed that the situation in Sudan “entails many risks, especially with regard to displacement and migration towards neighbouring countries.”

Al-Barghathi pointed out that the security and military services control the borders with Sudan.

A group of Libyan MP’s expressed their concerns about the armed conflict in Sudan, stressing that “Libya will not support one party at the expense of the other.”

In a joint statement, the MP’s called on Sudan’s leaders to “sit at the dialogue table and give priority to the country’s supreme interest. The armed conflict in Sudan will turn the country into chaos, and a battleground between external parties that threaten the security of Sudan.”

They warned that the conflict “might affect neighbouring countries, especially Libya, which had previously suffered from violations by the armed militias of neighbouring countries.”

“Libya is neutral and equidistant from both sides of the conflict in Sudan. Libya has not, and will not support any party at the expense of the other,” the statement said.