Al-Senussi Family Says Trial “Unfair”


The family of Muammer Gaddafi’s Intelligence Chief, Abdullah Al-Senussi described his trial as “unfair for political reasons, and not based on any legal or moral basis.” On Monday, the trial session was postponed to 10/05/2023, due to the absence of Al-Senussi.

Al-Senussi’s family demanded that everyone “refrain from politicising the case, and leave it to the integrity of the judiciary to implement justice.”

In a statement, the family confirmed the increased suffering of Al-Senussi, as a result of “deliberate medical negligence and deprivation of his internationally agreed human and legal rights. He is deprived of allowing doctors to follow up on his chronic and serious diseases, regular family visits, attendance at trial sessions, and meeting with the defence team, who were prevented from visiting him for more than five years.”

The statement added that “this means a slow death decision has been taken, and that the unfair trial procedures are only a means to camouflage that crime.”

They held the local authorities responsible for his wellbeing, and demanded the provision of the necessary medical care.

They also demanded the United States, the African Union, the Arab League, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and all international and local human rights organizations assume responsibility for protecting him, provide him with healthcare, and guarantee a fair trial.

In January, Members of the Al-Batnan tribe warned Prime Minister Abdel-Hamid Dbaiba against handing over Al-Senussi.

The tribal leaders also called for the immediate and unconditioned release of the Libyan “hostage” Abu Ajila Masoud, who has been handed over to the United States

According to an exclusive video published by “Abaad News”, the tribe stated that the “Lockerbie file was permanently closed, and the people paid a heavy price, according to an agreement between the two countries signed in 2008. We stand today to take a unified position against any deal to extradite a Libyan citizen in a closed case, in return for staying in power for some days.”