Libya’s “Crown Prince” Denounces Corrupt Politicians


Mohamed El-Senussi, the son of the late Crown Prince of Libya, Hasan El-Senussi, claimed that “many Libyan politicians have chosen to remain in their posts for the benefits that come with it. Travel, private jets, five-star hotels and shopping abroad. They do so without having ensured that their own citizens can travel in good conditions,” he told Spain’s El Independiente newspaper.

“The Libyan people gave them (politicians) a chance for 12 years, and today they don’t see any fruit on the ground. Life has not improved,” he explained.

A reality that El-Senussi considers sufficient to join a “let them all go” that finds an echo in certain sectors of the country. “If you fail, you have to go,” he outlined.

“This is not the first time we have faced a similar conflict, in which all factions are fighting each other. Everyone wants to be a leader and it’s really problematic considering Libya’s tribal system,” he added.

The exiled prince pointed out that “it not time to hold the Presidential elections, due to tensions and the open struggle for money and power continue. The election of a President would be a declaration of war. No one would accept the result of the polls,” he said.

“I know that my country is a jungle today, but there are no other options, and I have energy. Only God knows if I will be king, but I want to serve my country.

In the political roadmap that El-Senussi proposes, the first pillar would be the reestablishment of the monarchy and the constitution drawn up and approved in 1951.

In March, El-Senussi called for the return of the Libyan monarchy, and the resumption of work on the constitution which founded the state.

He tweeted that the Libyan nation “has the right to adhere to the restoration of the constitution and ‘legitimacy’ in the country.” He added that the “monarchy came with the free will of the people following Libya’s independence.”