Libya Wins 4 Medals at African Beach Games

Libya Wins 4 Medals at African Beach Games
Libya Wins 4 Medals at African Beach Games

Libyan teams have won four medals at the African Beach Games, which are currently taking place in the Tunisian city of Hammamet.

The Libyan beach handball team won the bronze medal after defeating their Algerian counterparts in the match for third place.

Meanwhile, the Libyan team for Wushu Kung Fu won a silver and a bronze medal in the African Beach Games. Mosab Ayad won the silver medal in the 80 kg Sanda category, while Tarek Adressi won the bronze medal in the 90 kg Sanda category.

In addition, Libyan athlete Mohamed Hussein won the bronze medal in the individual rowing competition, after competing against experienced athletes from 16 Arab and African countries. Hussein’s win is seen as a strong indication of Libya’s chances of qualifying for the Olympics.

Libya participated in the tournament with five sports: beach soccer, beach handball, swimming, Wushu Kung Fu, and rowing.

Last week, Libya once again proved itself as a formidable presence in the world of sports, with its special needs champions achieving great success at the World Summer Games held in Berlin from 17th to 25th of June. The games featured participation of 7,000 athletes from 190 countries, and prior to the final day of the event, Libya had already won a total of 18 medals, including five gold, four silver, and nine bronze.

The Libyan athletes competed in eight sports, including swimming, weightlifting, table tennis, cycling, badminton, bowling, bocce, and athletics. In the swimming category, Meriam Ben Issa won a silver medal in the 25-meter backstroke race, competing against eight swimmers from around the world. Mansour Alzawi won a gold medal and three bronze medals in the weightlifting category, and Muath Al-Karghali won gold in the individual bowling competition.

Dr. Jamal Bargh, Libya’s Ambassador to Germany, expressed his admiration for the encouraging results achieved at the event. “The success of Libyan athletes in the World Summer Games is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and talent, and is sure to be a source of national pride,” he said.

In addition to the success of Libyan athletes with special needs, the Libyan National Powerlifting team made a significant impact at the World Open Powerlifting Championship held in Malta. Competing against 56 countries, Libya secured the sixth spot in the globally renowned competition. Abdullah Hajar was a key player in this achievement, earning a silver medal and two bronze medals in the 105-kilogram category. His impressive performance has set a new standard in Libyan powerlifting, and has been a source of national pride.

Abdelrahman Musa also demonstrated Libya’s potential in powerlifting, claiming the fourth position in the 120-kilogram category. Meanwhile, Mohamed Al-Hamali achieved a respectable sixth place in the 59-kilogram weight class.