Ageela Saleh Says Rejecting Cairo Declaration Will Lead To More Fighting


On Monday, Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR) Ageela Saleh stressed that the Cairo Declaration was the best solution to end the Libyan crisis, as it culminated in local and international consultations.

Talking to Al-Arabiya news channel, he claimed that rejecting the Egyptian initiative would
lead to the continuation of the war, adding that “Everyone is losing, and the army will respond to any threats”.

Saleh also claimed that the High Council of State affiliated with the Government of National Accord (GNA) was benefiting from the current status quo.

Saleh pointed out that the Russian-American dispute over Libya was not new. The HoR expects to work with parties that aim to achieve the interests of the Libyan people.

He announced that the
return of oil production, was directly related to the ceasefire, “There is no oil with artillery”.

Saleh continued saying that the Turkish military intervention contributed to complicating the situation and noted that the Libyan National Army’s (LNA) withdrawal from the western region was in the interest of the
people and to avoid further destruction.

Saleh suggested that each of Libya’s historical regions elect representatives in the new political scene.

He stressed that there is no dispute with the leadership of the LNA and “we all seek the
same goal, even if opinions differ on that”.

He confirmed that there was widespread international support for the Cairo Declaration in Libya.

President Abdel Fatah El-Sisi announced the Cairo Declaration following talks on 6 June with LNA Commander, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar and Ageela Saleh.

The initiative announced by the Egyptian President, seeks a ceasefire between the warring parties beginning on 8 June.

It hopes to progress into a UN-supervised election for a new Presidential Council. It would also see the drafting of a constitutional declaration to regulate elections for a later stage.