Al-Feel Oil Field Resumes Production


The National Oil Corporation (NOC) announced the resumption of production at the Al-Feel oil field, starting Sunday evening.

It confirmed the lifting of the force majeure for crude exports from
the Sharara and Al-Feel fields from 7 and 8 June 2020.

“The Corporation will start export operations as soon as possible,” said Mustafa Sanalla, the Head of the NOC.

“I can also confirm that the crude oil has reached the Al-Zawiya refinery. It will resume fuel production for domestic use, thereby releasing pressure off the budget allocated to import fuel from abroad”.

“On behalf of the Corporation’s Board of Directors, I thank all the employees of the oil sector present in the fields for their extraordinary efforts to carry out the necessary maintenance work.” Sanalla added.

He also expressed gratitude to international efforts that called for the resumption of the NOC’s work.

“We hope that the production will return to all Libyan fields, as soon as possible”.

According to the NOC’s statement, the first phase of production will start at Al-Feel, with a capacity of 12,000 barrels per day.

It is expected that production will return to full capacity within two weeks. Necessary maintenance work is due, as a result of the five month closure.