Libyan High State Council Prioritises Youth Involvement in Politics

Libyan High State Council Prioritises Youth Involvement in Politics
Libyan High State Council Prioritises Youth Involvement in Politics

The Libyan High Council of State (HCS) underscored the significance of integrating young Libyan professionals into the political process, ensuring they become an integral part of Libya’s leadership structure.

In a statement released on International Youth Day, the HCS highlighted its steadfast efforts toward cementing a perpetual state of stability for the nation.

The HCS also urged various Libyan state institutions to earnestly work on nurturing and establishing young Libyan leadership talents. It advocated for creating learning opportunities and competitive platforms that would facilitate their gradual ascent up the leadership ladder. Such systematic and scholarly progression would empower them to steer the nation toward advancement, progress, and prosperity.

On the occasion of International Youth Day, the British Embassy in Libya expressed its interest in empowering Libyan youth as the leaders of the future.

The Embassy articulated through its official Twitter page, “The UK is passionate about enhancing opportunities for the youth, and we’re eager to see Libya’s youth not just as tomorrow’s leaders but also as catalysts for change today.”

The Libyan Presidential Council, in a subsequent statement, reiterated its commitment to the reconciliation project and to empowering the youth. The Council emphasized its unwavering support for a Libya where reconciliation and sustainable development walk hand in hand.

Furthermore, the Libyan Presidential Council underscored the indispensable role that the youth play in ensuring everlasting peace and prosperity in Libya. They highlighted that the youth embody the nation’s hope and potential. Their active participation in reconciliation efforts holds paramount importance, enabling them to lead transformative roles that shape society towards a more inclusive, peaceful, and sustainable path.

Lastly, the Council noted its commitment to providing equal opportunities and access to quality education and vocational training for the youth. They firmly believe in the necessity to foster an environment that enhances their growth, unleashes their potential, and instills a sense of responsibility towards their communities and environment.