Libya & UN Discuss Latest Political Developments

Libya & UN Discuss Latest Political Developments
Libya & UN Discuss Latest Political Developments

The Head of the Libyan High Council of State (HCS), Mohamed Takala met with the Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General, MC Raisedon Zenenga on Tuesday. They discussed the ongoing political process in Libya.

The meeting focused on the developments of the political scenario in Libya, and the outcomes of the 6+6 Joint Committee’s efforts in drafting electoral laws. As well as the initiatives undertaken by the HCS to bring about lasting stability in Libya.

Zenenga expressed his eagerness to continue collaborating with the HCS to secure the elections.

Earlier on Sunday, Takala emphasised, during a meeting with prospective candidates in Tripoli, that reconciliation, national unity, and concluding the transitional stages remain core objectives for the HCS.

On Saturday, prominent Libyan figures including the Head of the Presidential Council, Mohamed Al-Mnifi, the Speaker of the Parliament, Ageela Saleh, and the Commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA) Khalifa Haftar, held a landmark meeting in Benghazi. They stressed the importance of Al-Mnifi’s call for joint sessions between the Parliament and the HCS, to advance the political dialogue and achieve broad agreements for the election laws.

On 6 June, the 6+6 Committee, comprising representatives from both the Parliament and the HCS, announced the endorsement of electoral laws related to the upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

These movements aim to pave the way for elections this year, to resolve the ongoing power struggle in the country.