Libya’s Misrata Medical Center Completes 16 Corneal Transplants

Libya's Misrata Medical Center Completes 16 Corneal Transplants
Libya's Misrata Medical Center Completes 16 Corneal Transplants

Misrata Medical Center in Libya has announced the successful completion of 16 corneal transplant surgeries. This marks a significant milestone in the National Program for Localizing Ophthalmic Services, an initiative launched by the Health Ministry two years ago.

According to a statement, these surgeries were performed on Sunday and Tuesday. The patients hailed from various cities and regions across Libya, reflecting the widespread benefit of the initiative.

The program focuses on drafting plans dedicated to eye treatments and surgeries, ensuring treatments are available domestically. It also emphasizes improving the proficiency of national medical personnel, through knowledge exchange between visiting doctors and local medical staff.

This development underlines the Libyan health sector’s commitment to advancing medical expertise locally, and reducing the need for patients to seek treatments abroad.

Notably, Deputy Prime Minister and Acting Health Minister of the Libyan Government of National Unity (GNU), Ramadan Abu Janah, has raised concerns about the acute shortage of medical and paramedical personnel in southern Libya.

Despite efforts by the government to motivate national medical professionals to work in the south, there has been a migration trend from south to north, with many seeking better living conditions.

In a televised interview, Abu Janah mentioned that he brought up the issue to address the deficiency in southern medical facilities, during a cabinet meeting.

This proposal was approved, leading to the formation of a committee dedicated to recruiting medical professionals from Bangladesh. This nation was the only one to meet the criteria set by the Libyan Ministry of Health.

On Saturday, Libya’s Emergency and Support Medical Center announced the arrival of specialist medical teams from Egypt and Spain. They will provide essential medical assistance to those injured during the recent violent clashes in Tripoli.

According to the center’s statement, the Egyptian medical delegation comprises of consultant physicians specializing in orthopaedic surgery. They hold a special focus on the repair of spinal deformities and related injuries.

On the other hand, the Spanish medical team includes professionals versed in general surgery, orthopaedics, and notably, reconstructive and plastic surgery techniques.

This collaborative medical intervention follows the devastating clashes witnessed in Tripoli just days ago, which resulted in numerous injuries. The arrival of the international medical squad underscores the international community’s commitment to assisting crisis regions.

Abu Janah further highlighted that the incoming foreign medical staff would be allocated to healthcare facilities in remote areas across western, eastern, and southern Libya, including locations like Sinawon, Al-Qaryat, Al-Shuwairif, Sabha Medical Center, Misrata Medical Center, and Tajoura Cardiac Center, all of which are grappling with significant personnel shortages.