EgyptAir Operates Flights between Chad & Libya

EgyptAir Operates Flights between Chad & Libya
EgyptAir Operates Flights between Chad & Libya

EgyptAir is set to operate special transit flights between Libya and Chad. The Tripoli to N’Djamena, flights will assist Chadians in their return home, amidst the challenges of overland travel between the two countries.

The announcement was made today by the Embassy of Chad in Libya, which stated that the transit flights are being organized in coordination with EgyptAir. The Embassy cited the move as a “measure to facilitate air travel for citizens wishing to return home, considering the risks and difficulties associated with overland travel.” For Chadians eager to take advantage of these transit flights, the Embassy has outlined certain requirements.

These include 1) valid travel documentation, 2) an exit visa, 3) a flight ticket (prices may vary depending on the booking period), and 4) requisite international vaccinations for travellers. On Friday, the Interior Ministry of the Parliament-designated government declared a state of emergency in the southern region, near the borders with Niger and Chad.

The announcement comes amid heightened tensions in neighbouring countries, the statement from the Ministry of Interior said. “Given the rapidly evolving events in the countries along the southern borders of the Libyan state, the Ministry announces the elevation of the state of emergency and preparedness to the highest levels in the southern region, particularly in cities near the Niger border,” the statement read. It also stated that it has provided additional support to all security directorates in the southern region.

This is to ensure their proper functioning and readiness in case of any escalation in Niger. The statement highlighted the Ministry’s coordination with the Libyan National Army (LNA). Their joint efforts aim to prevent terrorist organizations and their affiliated groups from exploiting the deteriorating security situation in Niger.

They also aim to ensure that these groups do not engage in unlawful activities or actions that pose a threat to the nation’s security and its citizens. This move comes as the region faces significant security challenges, including the presence of armed groups and the threat of terrorist activity. The Libyan government is taking proactive measures to address these concerns, and ensure the safety of its citizens and the integrity of its borders.