Turkish MP Says Turkish People Suffer from Crises, and Erdogan Covets Libya’s Wealth


Omer Faruk Gergerlioglu, a lawmaker from the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) said that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan seeks to achieve his own ambitions in Libya at the expense of Turkey which suffers from a series of economic and social crises.

Gergerlioglu confirmed in press statements that Erdogan is squandering millions of dollars on the war in Libya, which will have negative economic repercussions in the future.

He added that the Turkish people are paying the price for Erdogan’s foreign adventures and wars in the region which have caused an economic crisis.

He pointed out there are reports that indicate the retreat of the Libyan National Army (LNA) forces in Libya, explaining that this is an emergency and will not last for long.

The Turkish parliamentarian pointed out that this war represents a severe threat to Turkish soldiers.

Turkey is deploying troops in Libya to shore up the UN-backed government while Haftar is backed by Egypt, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates.