East Libya on High Alert for Storm “Daniel”

East Libya on High Alert for Storm “Daniel”
East Libya on High Alert for Storm “Daniel”

The National Safety Authority in Eastern Libya has established an emergency response room, raising the state of readiness to 100%, in anticipation of the oncoming storm, Daniel.

According to the Authority’s statement, this move followed a meeting chaired by the Director of the Authority’s Eastern branch, General Tareq Sheihoub. It was agreed to “mobilize all necessary resources and equipment, ensuring full readiness of all vehicles under the emergency and crisis department of the branch.”

Earlier today, an official from the National Meteorological Center announced the continued impact of a low-pressure system over the eastern part of the country. This has led to an accumulation of thunderclouds, causing flash floods, and pooling of water in low-lying areas.

The official also predicted strong winds over the cities of Benghazi, the Green Mountain, and Ajdabiya. Notably, the low-pressure system will move eastward, passing through the regions of Jughbub, and reach the areas bordering Egypt.

There has been a state of heightened security and medical readiness in Benghazi, and other eastern regions. This includes the imposition of a curfew, and the creation of emergency rooms.

Circulating images have shown the effects of storm Daniel on some streets of Benghazi. The images depict fallen trees in the Amarat Al-Kish area, and other scattered regions.

Satellite broadcast radars have also shown that the center of Storm Daniel is currently over the city of Al-Marj. Wind speeds in Benghazi are estimated to range between 70-80 km/h.

On Saturday, Tripoli experienced a major setback, as unprecedented rainfall led to widespread flooding throughout the capital. The Tripoli Security Directorate shared striking images that capture the immediate impact of the deluge on the city’s infrastructure, and daily life.

Photos disseminated by the media provide a stark view of cars engulfed by rising waters, streets transformed into rivers, and paralyzing traffic conditions.

With the rainwater elevating to alarming levels on most city roads, the Security Directorate shed light on the sheer intensity of the rainfall, and the resultant challenges faced by the city.

In response to the crisis, the Interior Ministry has pledged its support. They’re actively coordinating with various governmental bodies, to expedite the process of water removal from main thoroughfares and to facilitate the mobility of affected residents.