Washington Calls on Libyan Warring Parties to Engage Seriously in the 5+5 Talks


On Saturday, the US State Department stressed the need to remove mercenaries and foreign fighters from Libya, adding that all foreign actors must withdraw their military equipment from Libya.

In press statements, the State Department appreciated Cairo’s efforts to announce a UN-brokered cease-fire initiative in Libya, calling on all Libyan parties to engage seriously in the 5+5 Joint Military Commission (JMC) talks.

Washington also called on all Libyans to immediately lift the closure of oil installations.

It is noteworthy that the JMC 5+5 (5 members of the Libyan National Army and 5 members of the Government of National Accord) were approved in the Geneva dialogue in February with the aim of achieving a permanent ceasefire.

The military track is one of three tracks, in addition to the political and economic tracks, aiming to complete the conclusions of the Berlin conference, but the military committee suspended its work after two rounds of talks due to differences.

A week ago, the United Nations welcomed the parties to the conflict’s acceptance to resume discussions of the Joint Military Commission.