Four Commercial Ships Loaded With Goods Dock at Benghazi’s Port


The Port of Benghazi has received four commercial ships loaded with cars, livestock and other goods during the past twenty-four hours.

The ‘Rio Grande’ vehicle transport ship, used by the the Mayar Libya Company, docked at the port with 1,054 cars from Korea.

The port also received a container ship, ‘Alupo‘, used by the Dalil Shipping Agencies to bring in 200 containers of various goods and commodities.

In addition to the ‘Kent Ship Rei’, used by Amwaj Libya Shipping Agencies, which had 94 cargo containers aboard the ship.

The livestock ship ‘Free Dome’, used by Al-Dossar Company, docked with about 7,400 sheep and 123 cows from Spain.

The Port of Benghazi is the principal seaport for the eastern region of Libya. It is located in the city of Benghazi, within the Gulf of Sirte.