UN Envoy: Libya Must Unite for Reconstruction of Derna

UN Envoy: Libya Must Unite for Reconstruction of Derna
UN Envoy: Libya Must Unite for Reconstruction of Derna

The Special Representative of the United Nations (UN) Secretary-General in Libya, Abdoulaye Bathily, called on the authorities in both eastern and western Libya to jointly assess the needs for urgent response and reconstruction.

Bathily emphasised the need for political leaders to rise to the moment and work hand in hand to overcome the tragic consequences the country has faced.

The UN Envoy, via his post on platform X mentioned, “I met with members from the Political Affairs Committee of the High Council of State (HCS). They shared their assessments on the social, humanitarian, economic, and political dimensions of the Derna disaster.”

Expressing his regret, he noted, “the coordination between the institutions in the east and west hasn’t been on par with the unprecedented solidarity shown by Libyans from all regions towards their brothers and sisters in Derna and other eastern Libyan cities affected by the floods.”

He underscored the pressing need for authorities in both eastern and western Libya to come together for a joint assessment of the immediate response and reconstruction needs. “It is vital for political leaders to rise to the challenge and work together to move past the aftermath of this tragedy,” Bathily stated.

Regional authorities have proclaimed plans for an international conference focused on reconstruction.

This announcement came in the wake of protests in the flood-affected city of Derna.

On September 18th, hundreds of protestors gathered outside the city’s grand mosque, chanting slogans against the eastern-based parliament and its leader and calling for accountability over the high death toll.

The official Spokesperson of the Libyan National Army (LNA), Major General Ahmed Al-Mismari, expressing his empathy, said, “we understand the people’s pain. Being part of this community, their grief is ours too.” Sharing a personal note, he added about the loss of his family members in the floods.

The LNA Spokesperson also urged the importance of addressing the community’s concerns. He said, “it is imperative to tune into the people’s anguish. Their collective voice has undeniably stirred Libya’s governing bodies and politicians, paving the way for an in-depth probe.”

The conference on October 10th emerges as a response to the aspirations of the local populace. Questions loom regarding the inclination of international donors to participate, given the prevailing political rift.

The primary agenda of the conference is to introduce forward-thinking and swift reconstruction projects.