Egyptian MP Requests To Expel Libyan Ambassador From Egypt


Egyptian MP and journalist Mustafa Bakry recently commented on a video circulating on social media that shows forces aligned to the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) abusing Egyptian workers in the city of Tarhuna.

Bakry said in press statements that “the crimes committed by the Libyan militias yesterday have caused a state of anger and resentment in Egypt”.

He stressed that the government has made contact to ensure the release of the kidnapped workers.

On Tuesday, a request will be discussed regarding the expulsion of the Libyan Ambassador to Cairo.

The Arab Affairs Committee in the Egyptian Parliament requested a briefing to expel the Libyan Ambassador in the presence of representatives of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, according to Bakry.

The GNA’s Interior Ministry condemned the video clip in question, saying the Egyptians were abducted by an unknown group.

The Ministry said that it was investigating the authenticity of the incident and those responsible.

It has allocated a reward of approximately $5,000 to anyone who helps in arresting the group responsible for this incident.