Algeria Calls For Reconciliation Between Warring Parties in Libya


Algerian President Abdel-Majid Taboun has said that Algeria was looking to achieve reconciliation between the warring parties in Libya, ending the bloodshed and restoring stability throughout the country.

According to statements made by Algerian Member of Parliament, Abdel-Wahab Bin Zaeem to Russian news agency Sputnik, Algeria called for the adoption of a plan to bring together the warring parties to achieve these goals.

He believed that reconciliation would only come with the assistance of neighboring countries such as Egypt, Algeria, and Tunisia. This is due to the fact they all have common borders, tribes, customs, and traditions.

Bin Zaeem added that any country, especially neighboring countries — citing Egypt and its recently announced initiative — can receive the Libyan parties and embark in political dialogue.

This dialogue should result in an end to the fighting, a new transitional government, and define the mechanism for conducting future parliamentary and presidential elections.

Libya’s reconstruction must also be a point of discussion, he added.