Notorious Libyan Trafficker Circumvents Travel Ban Using Forged Documents


According to a report by the United Nations Security Council’s expert team, notorious human traffickerm Abdel-Rahman Milad Bidja has used forged travel documents in an attempt to circumvent the travel ban imposed against him.

An official Libyan document by Attorney General, dated 28 September, appeared ordering the General Directorate of Border Security to remove Bidja’s name from the national system for monitoring arrivals and departures at the airport.

The expert team believes this action could potentially allow Bidja to leave Libya with the assets he holds, in violation of the asset freeze against him.

On 25 January, the expert team requested updated information from Libyan authorities regarding the effective implementation of asset freeze and travel ban measures against Bidja. This came following his resumption of professional duties in the Tripoli-based Libyan army. These duties included his appointment as an official at the Naval Academy in Janzour.

Since his release from pretrial detention on 11 April, 2021, Bidja has been receiving a military salary, which constitutes a violation for UN resolutions.

In June 2018, the Security Council imposed sanctions on Bidja and five other alleged leaders of criminal networks, engaged in the trafficking of migrants from Libya.