Libyan Customs Seize Large Drug Shipment at Benghazi Port

Libyan Customs Seize Large Drug Shipment at Benghazi Port
Libyan Customs Seize Large Drug Shipment at Benghazi Port

On Wednesday, Libyan Customs officials at the Port of Benghazi Inspection Department successfully intercepted a shipment of narcotics.

According to a statement from the department, the officials received information regarding a suspected container. After notifying the prosecutor’s office, the container was opened, revealing 15 million narcotic tablets (Lyrica).

The drugs were immediately confiscated and destroyed, under the supervision of the Director-General of Customs.

In June, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Libya successfully intercepted a large drug shipment from Benghazi to Misrata, and apprehended the drug dealer behind the operation.

This bust was conducted following intelligence received by the CID’s investigation and inference unit. It noted that a consignment of cannabis was to be transported from Benghazi to Misrata.

The source further confirmed the details about the vehicle type, colour, and other specifics, which was loaded onto a car carrier truck.

The investigators quickly moved to the truck’s expected departure point in the Sidi Farj area. However, further investigations revealed that the truck had already departed for its destination.

After acquiring the driver’s name and phone number, who was transporting other vehicles, the investigators made contact with the driver who demonstrated substantial cooperation.

Upon the investigators’ request, the unsuspecting driver stopped in the city of Sirte, and the investigative team proceeded. During the inspection of the suspected vehicle, a large quantity of cannabis was discovered.

Following the seizure of the illicit shipment and the vehicle harbouring it, the truck driver was transported to the CID headquarters and interrogated. During the inquiry, he provided the investigators with the name of the person who owned the car, in which the drugs were found.

During the interrogation, the suspect confessed that he was the one who placed the drugs in the car for delivery to Misrata. He also admitted that the drugs belonged to another individual, whose full name he disclosed. Current investigations are underway to apprehend this individual.

Furthermore, he also revealed the name of the person who supplied him with the drugs – a major person of interest to the CID, and other security agencies in Benghazi. He is currently believed to be hiding in the western region, after fleeing Benghazi to avoid capture.