Libyan Football Federation Supports Saudi Arabia’s Bid for 2034 World Cup

Libyan Football Federation Supports Saudi Arabia's Bid for 2034 World Cup
The Libyan Football Federation

The Libyan Football Federation (LFF) has officially announced its support behind Saudi Arabia’s bid to host the 2034 FIFA World Cup.

In a statement, the LFF expressed full support for Saudi Arabia’s candidacy, to host the prestigious global sporting event.

Saudi Arabia has formally submitted its bid to FIFA, setting the stage for competition against Australia, which is also considering a bid.

This announcement comes shortly after FIFA announced that the 2030 World Cup would be hosted jointly by Morocco, Portugal, and Spain.

Notably, the African Volleyball Confederation has awarded the African U17 Volleyball Championship to Libya, scheduled to take place on 15 November, according to the KoraPlus news website.

A source at the African Volleyball Confederation, told KoraPlus that the the championship for girls has been awarded to Nigeria, set to commence on 30 November.

Recently, the Egyptian men’s volleyball team won the African Championship, which was held in Egypt early this month.

Notably, FIFA has extended the international player registration period for new professionals contracted by Libyan Premier League clubs. This extension comes in the aftermath of the tragic floods in the devastated city of Derna.

FIFA’s extension allows clubs to register professional players until 2 October. This came in response to a request from the LFF.

This decision provides some relief to local football clubs, affected by the recent natural disaster, and gives them more time to complete their international player registrations.