Libyan Security Forces Foil Major Gold Smuggling Attempt

Libyan Security Forces Foil Major Gold Smuggling Attempt
Libyan Security Forces Foil Major Gold Smuggling Attempt

On Wednesday, Libyan security forces announced the thwarting of a smuggling attempt at Mitiga International Airport. The operation uncovered an attempt to smuggle €3 million euros in cash, and 25 kilograms of gold on a flight heading to Cairo.

The Deterrence Force (Rada) said it arrested the chief flight crew member of Afriqiyah Airlines.

The agency noted the recent proliferation of money laundering, which often includes foreign currency and precious metals.

“These activities are linked to organized crime, particularly terrorism and drug trafficking,” the statement said.

The agency also highlighted the significant advancements in smuggling operations through border crossings, whether by land or air.

Earlier this month, an investigation into a financial misappropriation at the Libyan Embassy in Belgium was announced by Attorney-General, Al-Siddiq al-Sour. This comes following allegations against Ambassador, Amal Al-Jarari, who is accused of requesting transferring $200,000 to her personal account, from funds designated for medical treatments.

Nadeema Al-Qritli, Al-Jarari’s secretary confirmed the veracity of a leaked audio attributed to the Ambassador, showcasing her requesting the financial transfer. During a press conference, Al-Sour noted that the Public Prosecution was not alerted to the case, until it was publicly disclosed, revealing that the matter had been previously subjected to administrative oversight and Audit Bureau scrutiny. He stressed that the results of the investigation, handled with “seriousness” by the prosecution, would be declared within two days.

In another context, a Tripoli court issued 18-month prison sentences, and imposed a 500-dinar fine on two members of the board of the National Cement Company, and its CEO. The charges brought against them include financial corruption.

The investigations conducted by the Attorney General’s Office revealed that the officials received 1.5 million dinars, in exchange for the cancellation of a clinker supply contract between the National Cement Company and the Sahab Company.

The court found that the three individuals had received undue financial benefits, causing significant damage to public funds.

Additionally, the court sentenced the contract editor, who intentionally forged official documents, and the forger of fake official documents to prison terms of three and seven years, respectively.

They were also fined 75,000 dinars each, and had their civil rights suspended for the duration of their sentences.