Libya Grants Full Citizenship Rights to Palestinians Residing in the Country

Libya Grants Full Citizenship Rights to Palestinians Residing in the Country
Libya Grants Full Citizenship Rights to Palestinians Residing in the Country

In a significant move underscoring solidarity, Libya’s Parliament-designated Prime Minister, Osama Hamad declared on Thursday that Palestinians living in Libya, will be granted the same rights as Libyan nationals.

This is a reactivation of Decision (49) from 1990, and signals Libya’s profound support for the Palestinian cause.

The announcement came during a meeting in Benghazi, where Hamad was joined by Foreign Minister, Abdulhadi Al-Hwaij, and the Palestinian General Consul, Emad Al-Ateely.

Hamad stressed the Libyan government’s deep concern for the Palestinian people, addressing the continuous challenges they face, including displacement and systematic violence.

He also relayed the sentiments of the Commander-in-Chief of the Libyan National Army (LNA), Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar.

Haftar’s support for the Palestinian struggle was reiterated, emphasising Libya’s collective backing for the Palestinian people

Further showcasing Libya’s commitment, Hamad confirmed imminent plans by the Libyan government and the LNA’s General Command to send humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

Closing the meeting, Hamad issued explicit directives to Libyan institutions and ministries. Palestinians in Libya are now entitled to a plethora of rights: they can secure necessary professional licenses, access education, receive free healthcare, and enjoy exemptions from specific administrative fees, reflecting the full spectrum of benefits enjoyed by Libyan citizens.

This pivotal decision not only emphasises Libya’s position on the Palestinian issue, but actively aids those affected by the persistent Middle East tensions.

Notably, Libya firmly denounced the relentless aggressions directed at the Palestinian people in the occupied regions, especially pinpointing the escalated aerial offences on the Gaza Strip since 7 October. These attacks have tragically led to thousands of civilian casualties.

Earlier today, the Head of Libya’s Presidential Council, Mohamed Al-Mnifi vehemently condemned the brutal Israeli attack on Al-Mamdani Hospital in the Gaza Strip, labelling it a “war crime and genocide.” The attack resulted in a reported 500 fatalities.

He reiterated his rejection of the “new displacement of the Palestinian people through starvation, siege, and direct targeting of civilians and public facilities.”

Simultaneously, he urged the international community to “assume its responsibilities towards civilians, and halt the unjustifiable bloodshed.”

Presidential Council member, Musa Al-Koni viewed the Israeli bombing as “surpassing all preceding war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

Furthermore, the Prime Minister of the GNU, Abdel-Hamid Dbaiba also condemned the Israeli bombardment, describing the incident as “a savage crime.”

Dbaiba deplored what he described as “a crime exceeding all bounds,” calling on all countries to “halt such crimes and open corridors for delivering humanitarian aid to the besieged sector.”

Protests erupted in Misrata and Tripoli on Tuesday evening, denouncing the Israeli occupation, with chants in support of Palestinian resistance echoing through the streets.

Earlier this month, the Libyan Parliament condemned the Israeli aggression toward Gaza, as well as the Arab and international silence regarding support for the Palestinian cause.

The Parliament expressed its disdain in a statement, targeting what it perceives as dual standards when judging the Palestinian people’s right to defend themselves. Asserting the inalienable right of Palestinians “to shield themselves against the flagrant and recurrent assaults by the Zionist entity.” The Parliament denounced labelling this right as aggression, especially juxtaposed against the overlooking of the brutal killing of Palestinian chi…