Libya Participates in Regional Conference on Women’s Economic Roles

Libya Participates in Regional Conference on Women's Economic Roles
Libya Participates in Regional Conference on Women's Economic Roles

The Training Centre Director at the Libyan Ministry of Labour and Rehabilitation, Tamina Amal Saffar, participated in a regional conference in Amman, Jordan. The event discussed the economic participation of women in the Arab world.

The Ministry’s media office revealed that the conference was titled “Economic Participation of Women in the Arab World: Prospects and Challenges.”

Amal Saffar presented a research paper highlighting the role of the Government of National Unity (GNU) and the Ministry of Labour in supporting female entrepreneurship and empowerment.

Earlier this month, the Libyan Parliament Speaker, Ageela Saleh, engaged in critical discussions with the Libyan Minister of Labour and Rehabilitation, Abdallah Al-Sharif Arhuma, and a visiting Jordanian advisory delegation in the city of Al-Qubbah. This congregation illuminates ties between Libya and Jordan, furthering prospects for strategic planning in critical labour and vocational training initiatives.

The articulate spokesperson for the House of Representatives (HoR), Abdullah Blaiheg, highlighted the primary objective behind this diplomatic rendezvous, emphasising the collaboration in devising strategic plans for Libya’s Ministry of Labour and Rehabilitation.

Amongst the pivotal talking points, the delegation focused on training and vocational rehabilitation, regulation of expatriate labour, and comprehensive assessments of the conditions of struggling companies.

Libya, which is grappling with socio-economic challenges, takes a stride towards diplomatic and consultative collaborations. It underpins the emphasis on vital sectors such as labour and vocational training. The Jordanian delegation’s visit is not merely a diplomatic gesture, but stands as a testament to an envisioned partnership that traverses borders, cultures, and shared aspirations for robust employment and vocational frameworks.

In February, Libya’s Acting Minister of Health, Ramadan Abu Jinnah, met with the Jordanian Health Minister, Firas Al-Hawari, on the sidelines of the conclusion of the Arab Board of Health Specialisations (ABHS) programs for 2022.

The Libyan Ministry of Health stated that they discussed enhancing aspects of cooperation in the health sector.

They also discussed ways to activate training programs for healthcare workers.