Italy Confirms Aid Delivery to Derna

Italy Confirms Aid Delivery to Derna
Italy Confirms Aid Delivery to Derna

In a show of solidarity following the devastation wrought by Storm Daniel, the Italian Embassy in Libya announced the arrival of an aid-laden aircraft in Benghazi.

This relief initiative aims to support the city of Derna, and neighbouring storm-affected areas.

In an official statement on its Twitter account, the Embassy detailed that the flight took off from the UN’s Rapid Response Base in Brindisi, Italy.

This move underscores Italy’s ongoing commitment to Libya during its crisis.

Immediately after the tragic events in Derna on 10 September, the Italian Red Cross hastened its relief efforts. The aid, significantly vital for the affected regions, included high-capacity water pumps, blankets, work and waterproof boots, and body bags.

In a noteworthy gesture of solidarity, the Italian Naval vessel “San Marco” docked in Libya shortly after the storm’s havoc.

The ship transported 100 comprehensive tents, equipped with necessary amenities like beds and sleeping bags, prepared to shelter up to a thousand displaced residents.

Last week, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported that an estimated 400 children have been separated from their families, due to recent flooding in eastern Libya.

Humanitarian workers conducted 17 primary source interviews, and 15 home visits in Benghazi and Shahat, pinpointing those most impacted by the floods.

There has been a noticeable delay in the official registration of these unaccompanied children. Yet, humanitarian workers are adopting a rapid registration approach to facilitate family reunifications, or find alternative solutions. The report also noted ongoing support for individuals who lost their civil documentation.

“Based on their experience with other crises, humanitarian partners estimate that at least 400 unaccompanied children require various forms of support. Some are cared for by close relatives in a safe and stable environment, while others find themselves in more perilous situations due to the absence of primary caregivers,” the report stated.

Active humanitarian entities carried out a rapid assessment of child protection needs from 15-20 October. Community care arrangements were established for 235 unaccompanied children in Benghazi.