China Calls on ICC to Avoid Double Standards in Libya

China Calls on ICC to Avoid Double Standards in Libya
China Calls on ICC to Avoid Double Standards in Libya

China’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Zhang Jun has conveyed his hope that the International Criminal Court (ICC) will “steer clear of double standards and exceptionalism,” according to Xinhua news agency.

“China supports maintaining international peace and security through pursuing accountability for the most serious international crimes,” Zhang told the UN Security Council briefing on ICC’s activities in Libya.

“In the face of major crises and challenges that are of great concern to the international community, China hopes that the ICC will apply international law in an equal and uniform manner, and avoid double standards and exceptionalism,” the Chinese diplomat said.

He stated that with regard to the ICC’s work in Libya, “China’s position is consistent and clear.”

Zhang said that the cases currently being handled by the ICC were submitted in 2011. “We hope that, in its specific work, the court will continue to strictly follow the principle of complementarity as set out in the Rome Statute, respect the judicial sovereignty of the countries concerned and their reasonable views, and maintain close communication and cooperation with the Libyan authorities,” he noted.

The Chinese official underscored that peace and stability in Libya is “a prerequisite” for ensuring justice. He added that at present, promoting the political transition is “a priority” for the international community, and the United Nations in their work in Libya.

“We must adhere to the Libyan-led and Libyan-owned principle, respect the will of the Libyan people, and avoid externally imposed solutions,” he stressed.

Zhang further noted that the ICC’s work “should help promote the political and peace process in Libya, and should help the Libyan parties strengthen unity and build consensus, while avoiding amplifying their contentions and differences.”

Notably, the United States has reiterated its support for the work of the ICC in Libya and the pursuit of justice, recognizing it as a fundamental guarantee for Libya’s future.

It has called on Libyan authorities to cooperate with the ICC, emphasising the need for collaboration between the authorities in eastern and western Libya to rebuild the city of Derna, and the areas devastated by the destructive floods that occurred on 10 September.

In a speech before the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday, the US commended the dedication of the Office of the Prosecutor, and the staff of the ICC for their efforts to hold accountable those responsible for the atrocities committed against the Libyan people, and migrants since February 2011.