Misrata Medical Centre Conducts First Open Heart Surgeries

Misrata Medical Centre Conducts First Open Heart Surgeries
Misrata Medical Centre Conducts First Open Heart Surgeries

Misrata Medical Centre in Libya successfully conducted its first two open-heart surgeries, marking a significant milestone in the facility’s history. This achievement, in collaboration with the Device for Developing Therapeutic Services, represents a first for public hospitals in the city and the central region.

The surgeries involved coronary artery bypass grafting on two patients, aged 50 and 40 years. Consultant cardiothoracic surgeon Khaled El-Talib highlighted this as a pioneering step in the region’s healthcare capabilities.

The centre aims to train medical and auxiliary staff in open-heart surgery to establish a strong in-house team. This initiative is part of the centre’s broader strategy to enhance its cardiac care services.

The announcement follows the recent inauguration of the Cardiac Department at Misrata Medical Centre, equipped with 800 beds, demonstrating the facility’s commitment to expanding its healthcare services.

Earlier November, the Benghazi Medical College opened its doors to the international accreditation team from the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME). This marks a significant stride towards earning accreditation for Libya’s National Centre for Higher Education Quality Assurance (Libyan medical colleges).

Dr. Hussein Al-Khumri, a member of the Supreme Committee for International Accreditation at the college, noted that the accreditation team’s visit, slated to last for four days, comprised delegates from India, the United States, Egypt, and Morocco. Simultaneously, the local accreditation team consisting of 12 individuals represented the Libyan National Accreditation Centre and the National Centre administration.

The visit involved segmenting the participants into three teams. They embarked on a tour within the medical college, engaging in an observational journey through lectures, the library, the clinical skills laboratory, and particularly the anatomy department.

The international team was reportedly impressed with the available facilities, the level of organisation, and the students within the college. Following the tour, auditing sessions were convened with the college’s accreditation team.