Italian Official Calls On Europe to Prioritize Achieving Stability in Libya


Italian Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Marina Sereni has emphasized the need for Europe to give priority to achieving stability in Libya.

Sereni said the bloc must assist the achievement of a permanent ceasefire and the resumption of UN peace talks, in addition to the implementation of the EU’s Operation IRINI in full.

According to an article published by the Italian Huffington Post website, the Deputy Foreign Minister highlighted the need to vote unanimously in the Security Council to extend the arms embargo imposed on Libya for another year.

Sereni added that the visit of Italian Foreign Minister Luigi di Maio to Turkey should achieve good results, adding that “although there has been a change in the country, the crisis is still exacerbated by the ongoing military escalation between the warring parties”.

The Deputy Foreign Minister said that stability in Libya would only be reached by agreeing to political goals that are acceptable to all parties concerned.