Saudi Arabia Voices Support for Egypt’s Right to Protect Western Borders from Terrorism


On Saturday, Saudi Arabia affirmed its support toward Egypt and its security, noting that Cairo has the right to protect its western border with Libya from terrorism, according to a statement from the Kingdom’s foreign ministry.

“The Kingdom’s government affirms that the security of Egypt is an integral part of the security of Saudi Arabia and the entire Arab nation, and the Kingdom stands with Egypt in its right to defend its borders and people from extremist tendencies and terrorist militias and their supporters in the region,” read the foreign ministry statement.

The Kingdom also called on the international community to fulfill its responsibilities and respond to the calls and initiative of President Sisi to reach a comprehensive solution that affirms the safety and security of Libyan territory, restore institutions and eliminate terrorism and extremist militias, and put an end to illegal foreign interventions that fuel terrorism in the region.

Saudi Arabia’s announcement of support comes on the same day the Egyptian President warned that advances by Turkey-backed forces in Libya could prompt an Egyptian military intervention in the neighboring country.