EU Foreign Ministers To Discuss Turkey’s Violations In Libya and Eastern Mediterranean


French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian announced a meeting of European Union foreign ministers due to be held on 13 July to discuss Turkey’s actions in the Mediterranean. He indicated that it was possible to impose new sanctions on Ankara.

“At our request, there will be a meeting of European Union foreign ministers on the 13th of July, on the Turkish issue only”, Le Drian was cited in a parliamentary hearing by ‘Turkey Today’ website on Thursday.

“The European Union has already implemented sanctions against Turkey due to its exploration in the Cyprus economic zone and other sanctions may be contemplated” he added.

Last week, Le Drian called on his partners in the EU to hold urgent talks on future relations with Turkey, after Paris clashed with Ankara over its role in Libya.

Relations between NATO members France and Turkey have soured in recent weeks, as Paris has criticized Turkey’s military support for the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) and its role in the Syrian conflict.

This is in addition to Turkish drilling operations in the eastern Mediterranean, a major point of contention.

“France considers it necessary for the European Union to open very quickly a substantive discussion, while not excluding anything, regarding the prospects for the future relationship between the EU and Ankara.” The French Foreign Minister said, adding that the EU must vigorously defend its own interests.

French President Emmanuel Macron accused Turkey of playing a “dangerous game” in Libya, while Turkey responded that “Macron must have suffered a mind eclipse” for opposing Ankara’s support for the GNA.

“We need clarifications about the role that Turkey intends to play in Libya,” Le Drian said.