Algeria and Tunisia Discuss Ways To Resume Dialogue In Libya


On Tuesday, the Tunisian Presidency reported that there were ongoing consultations between President Qais Said and his Algerian counterpart, Abdel-Majid Taboun, regarding ways to resume dialogue between the warring parties in Libya.

Advisor to the Tunisian President in charge of Foreign Affairs, Abdel-Karim El-Harmi explained that there was continuous coordination and consultations between both leaders regarding Libya.

He expressed his hope to resume the political process in Libya and bring an end to the fighting.

El-Harmi stressed that the solution in Libya must be political, not military, saying: “The continuation of the situation as it is in Libya threatens the security and stability of neighboring countries”.

He emphasised that Tunisia’s position will always be based on the invitation of all Libyan parties to dialogue and negotiation.

The Tunisian-Algerian consultations come amid increasing pressure on neighboring countries to carry out a direct role in addressing the Libyan crisis.

This follows the US Military Command in Africa (AFRICOM) announcement that it would offer security assistance to Tunisia amid fears of Russian activity in Libya.

Tunisia denied the existence of an American request to establish a military base in the country.