Libyan Elections Commission Discusses Electoral Process With Italian Ambassador


The Head of the High National Elections Commission (HNEC), Emad Al-Sayeh, discussed with Italian Ambassador to Libya Giuseppe Buccini their readiness to implement future electoral operations that may be included in any political agreement.

The two also discussed the level of preparations to translate the political parties agreement in view of ending the transitional phase through elections.

During a meeting at the Commission’s headquarters in Tripoli, the two parties discussed the legislative and political challenges that they may face in the upcoming electoral process at the local and international levels.

They also addressed the availability of conditions needed to implement an electoral process that comes within the framework of a comprehensive political settlement.

According to the Commission’s statement, the meeting reviewed international support provided by donor countries, including Italy, aimed at supporting the electoral process and the establishment of a strong infrastructure for democracy.

Al-Sayeh pointed out that this intense communication with the international community comes within the framework of a proper settlement and examining the available options.

This is by organizing credible elections as a means of renewing legitimacy, peaceful change, and the involvement of various components and segments of Libyan society in determining its fate and the future of the country.

Last June, HNEC received the European Union Ambassador to Libya Alan Bogia and welcomed the decision to extend the UN Electoral Assistance Project, which is working to prepare the Commission for any upcoming electoral events.