EU Parliament: Europe Must Carry Out Pivotal Role in Libyan Crisis


The Chair of the European Parliament’s delegation for relations with Maghreb states, Andrea Cozzolino, called on Europe to carry out a pivotal role in the Libyan crisis in order to achieve a peaceful solution in the country.

Commenting on the conflicting positions of the member states of the European Union over the situation in Libya, Cozzolino said that “these paradoxes appeared between France and Italy when they adopted different positions, causing a continuous debate. Therefore, we moved away from an agreement on the Libyan crisis, prompting Europe, in general, to reconsider its position towards Libya. This is to allow solutions, especially at the military level, which had not previously affected the region to be reached”.

“I think that military measures are not enough to deal with the crisis. It strikes a balance, perhaps on the ground, for one side against another but it does not specify the political path that allows the establishment of the Libyan state,” he added.

The European Parliament strongly called for a return to political dialogue, adding that Europe should play a pivotal role in finding a peaceful solution in Libya and restore unity to the state.