France Rejects Turkey’s Interference in Libya, Says Haftar Played Vital Role in Combating IS


French Defense Minister Florence Parly said on Monday that France does not support a military solution in Libya. She noted that the Libyan National Army (LNA) commander Khalifa Haftar played a vital role in combating IS in the country.

In a press statement, Parly called for an end to the UN arms embargo violations and for foreign powers to stop interfering in the crisis. She also called for a return to the Berlin process to achieve a political solution.

Parly said that France condemned all violations of the arms embargo in Libya by any party, without discrimination. She pointed out that Turkey is deploying a large number of Syrian mercenaries to Libya, noting that these violations are being closely documented by the United Nations.

France is seeking a ceasefire and a political solution to achieve stability in the country, as well as to continue the fight against terrorism, she said.

On Thursday, the Minister of Defense stressed France’s condemnation of Turkey’s actions in the eastern Mediterranean. She reaffirmed France’s support for the Republic of Cyprus within the European Union, as well as at the bilateral level.

Parly told the European Parliament’s Security and Defense Subcommittee, “we have reviewed Turkey’s role in Libya, and France does not believe in a military solution. We support a political settlement process through the United Nations and the Berlin process”.