European Quartet Alliance Takes Steps Against Turkey’s Interference in Libya


France, Italy, Greece, and Cyprus announced decisive steps against Turkey’s intervention in Libya and the eastern Mediterranean region. These steps are through the formation of a quartet alliance to secure the work of energy companies in those countries and to prevent Ankara from controlling energy fields in the Mediterranean region.

CNN news agency in Turkey said in a report that the quartet decided to hold joint military exercises, as well as agreed to facilitate the use of ports between them. It pointed out that the agreement also included ensuring the rights of those countries during exploration operations for natural gas in the eastern Mediterranean.

Turkish Energy Minister Fatih Donmaz has said that Turkey will be able to start oil exploration activities in Libya within four months. This is per the agreement reached with the Government of National Accord (GNA) in November 2019.

Donmez said that, in conjunction with the 567th anniversary of Istanbul’s conquest by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed Fatih, the “Al Fatih” drilling ship will begin its first drilling in the Black Sea in July at the Tuna site -1, following the completion of development work.

The Turkish Minister indicated that the ship would move to the Mediterranean for the first time, saying: “Our goal is to complete our work this year”.