EU’s Borrell Urges Turkey to Respect Pledges Made During Berlin Conference on Libya


On Monday, the European Union’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell called on Turkey to “respect pledges under the Berlin Conference on Libya”.

In a press release, Borrell revealed that he held “lengthy and interesting consultations with the European Ministers on Turkey,” stressing that “Turkey must respect European values and interests for better relations” between the two parties.

He considered that “the unilateral moves of Turkey in the Mediterranean are contrary to the sovereignty of states,” adding, “we invite Turkey to participate actively in order to reach a political solution in Libya” and stressing that Turkey should respect the UN arms embargo imposed on Libya.

He expressed the EU’s readiness to “take measures to stop Turkish actions in the Mediterranean. There are proposals to impose sanctions on Turkey to stop its actions in the region”.

Borrell also claimed that “the Berlin track is the only framework for solving the Libyan crisis. We continue to call on the parties in Libya to comply with the Berlin framework.”

He emphasized that the European Union’s relations with Turkey were strained due to its “actions in the eastern Mediterranean and Libya,” adding that “Turkey should contribute to advancing efforts to bring peace”.