Egypt Rejects Turkey’s Interference in Arab affairs, Surprised by its Statements


Ahmed Hafez, a spokesman for the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, expressed his surprise at some Turkish officials who questioned the legitimacy of Libyan local authorities’ request for armed support on the part of Egypt to combat terrorism in the country.

The Foreign Ministry statement added that Libya is facing the terrorism and extremism that Turkey brought to the country from Syria. Libya is not the only country suffering from Turkish foreign policy as Syria and Iraq are other examples of Turkish interference in Arab affairs.

The Spokesman was also surprised by the Turkish administration’s interference and involvement in the crises of Arab countries instead of caring for the needs of the Turkish people.

Turkey further deepens and complicates Arab crises to achieve the interests of certain political currents and not the benefit of the general population. Ankara now significantly depends on an ideology that wastes the resources of the Turkish people.

A spokesman for the Egyptian Foreign Ministry expressed Egypt’s rejection of Turkish political and military interference in Arab affairs.

These interventions lack any legal basis and even violate UN Security Council resolutions, whether in Iraq, Syria or Libya.

He affirmed that the Arab people rejected the efforts or aspirations of those who want to achieve interests and goals unrelated to them.