Armenia Accuses Turkey of Fueling Conflicts in Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East States


On Saturday, Zohrab Mnatsakanyan, Armenia’s Foreign Minister, accused Turkey of playing a destructive role in many countries, saying that Ankara’s interference has led to a significant increase in tensions in the eastern Mediterranean and in the Middle East and North Africa region.

In statements to Sky News Arabia, Zohrab added that Turkey is trying to impose its control and policies over the region, noting that Ankara’s behaviour does not contribute to finding a peaceful solution to any crisis.

He pointed out that Turkey’s policies in recent clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan are not constructive.

The minister said that Turkey not only expressed its unconditional support to Azerbaijan, but also resorted to brazen claims over the South Caucasus, which the Turkish President and his senior official justify by referring to Turkey’s “historical mission” in the region.

“In such a difficult regional situation, we consider it unacceptable to resort to direct or indirect support to the aggressive and provocative behaviour of Azerbaijan, and we express our regret in connection with statements of this nature,” the Armenian official noted

He also added: “It is an imperative that third countries refrain from policies that provoke instability or anyhow support Azerbaijan based on kinship, or encourages its illusions regarding the possibility of a military solution to the conflict.”