Algerian Foreign Minister Warns Against Dividing Libya


Speaking to Russia Today on the occasion of his working visit to Moscow, Algeria’s Foreign Minister Sabri Boukadoum warned against actions that might lead to the division of Libya, calling on warring parties to preserve the country’s unity and sovereignty.

“We are determined to convince all parties of the need to preserve the unity of Libya and the full sovereignty of the Libyans, and we also urge them to be aware of some actions that might lead to the division of Libya,” he said.

The Algerian Foreign Minister touched on the efforts of the Algerian state to resolve the Libyan crisis, as well as the threats that may affect the neighbouring countries of Libya, such as Algeria, Egypt, and Tunisia, or countries in the greater neighbourhood such as Chad, Niger, Sudan, and even Mali, which the Libyan situation greatly affected.

On a question about Algeria’s diplomatic moves and its efforts to resolve the Libyan crisis and its compatibility with the Russian point of view, he explained that “Algeria’s efforts to address the crisis are based on political foundations and we repeatedly emphasize it with all partners in the world and so far no one has rejected it.”

“We insist that all partners and all parties concerned with the Libyan file be convinced of the need to achieve a political solution to the crisis,” he added.

Boukadoum stressed: “The Algerian approach is not based on competition with other initiatives and does not differ with the principles of the Berlin Conference, in which Algeria and all Libyan parties participated.”

He explained that Algeria’s approach is based on three principles, namely a peaceful solution with the refusal of a military solution, a cease-fire, and the initiation of negotiations, with the rejection of all external interference and with respect to the arms embargo on Libya.

In the same context, the Foreign Minister pointed out “a unified rapprochement between Algeria and Tunisia, as well as to some extent with Egypt regarding the political solution in Libya,” highlighting the challenges and threats that the current situation poses to the national security of all of Libya’s neighbours, including Algeria.

Boukadoum reiterated Algeria’s readiness to embrace any negotiations between the Libyan parties, saying that Algeria is in continuous contact with concerned Libyan parties, including the Libyan tribes.

The Libyan crisis in some countries is limited to Benghazi and Tripoli, but Libya is much broader than that, he clarified.

He reiterated his call to the Libyan parties to move away from the military solution and return to the negotiating table.

The Foreign Minister urged all influential actors supporting the parties to the current conflict to abandon these policies. He said: “My presence in Moscow, where the Libyan file remains a priority in the talks, is a diplomatic act to establish peace and stability in Libya.