IOM Condemns Killing of Two Sudanese Migrants Returned To Libya


On Tuesday, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), condemned the killing of two Sudanese migrants, at the Al-Khums disembarkation point in Libya.

In a statement, IOM indicated that two migrants were killed, and three others injured after being intercepted at sea and returned to shore by the coast guard.

“Staff from the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) in Khums, reported that libyan local authorities in GNA controlled Al-Khoms started shooting when the migrants attempted to escape from the disembarkation point”, the statement said; adding that “the injured migrants were transferred to local hospitals, while survivors were moved to detention centres”.

“The suffering of migrants in Libya is intolerable”, said the Chief of the IOM Mission in Libya, Federico Soda. He stressed that “the use of excessive violence results yet again in the senseless loss of life, amid a lack of action to change a system that often fails to provide any degree of protection”.

The Organisation also emphasized that Libya is not a safe port for migrants, reiterating its appeal to the European Union and the international community for urgent action to end the return of vulnerable people to Libya.

“An alternative scheme whereby people rescued or intercepted at sea are brought to safe ports must be established urgently,” the Organisation wrote in its statement. “A greater show of solidarity between European States, and frontline Mediterranean states is also needed” according to the IOM.