US Congress To Vote on Bill To Support Stability In Libya


On Wednesday, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives placed new amendments to a bill to “support stability in Libya”. This is to be submitted to Congress for a vote.

The amendments included 13 items focused on the peaceful resolution of the crisis in Libya, including support for the sovereignty, independence, and territorial unity and integrity of Libya.

In addition, the amendments seek to tighten control measures to implement the arms embargo in Libya, in a manner that guarantees to stop the flow of weapons and mercenaries. Lawmakers also want to make sure that amendments reject all forms of foreign intervention in Libya, and urges all parties to sit at the negotiating table.

The amendments also included pressure to prevent illegal oil exports, as well as to stop attacks on civilians, medical personnel, and critical infrastructure, including water supplies, power generation sources, and roads in Libya. This is in addition to ensuring that those responsible for these attacks are held accountable.