EU Voices Support for Establishment of Fezzan Provincial Council


On Saturday, the EU Ambassador to Libya, Alan Bugeja, held a virtual meeting with representatives of the Council of the Fezzan Region.

During the meeting, the EU diplomat said: “I was encouraged by representatives’ efforts towards bringing reconciliation and giving a united voice to the region.”
He also added that “the challenges faced by the people of Fezzan need more attention from Libyan authorities and the international community.”

He pointed out that Fezzan remains a strategic region for achieving balance in Libya and the entire region, and it can make a decisive contribution to achieving stability in the whole country.

It is noteworthy that several activists from the southwestern Libyan region announced on Monday the establishment of a council in the southern region of the country, named “Fezzan Provincial Council.”

The establishment of the council aims to represent the region in light of the political and administrative corruption and deterioration of services, especially in the south, as well as supporting international and regional pressures to calm the conflict to prevent the outbreak and resumption of war between the warring parties, especially on the Sirte-Jufra frontline.

The founders added that the council is set to be a basis for reuniting Libya and constructing new social, economic and political institutions that seek to outline a better future for the country and protect its wealth and natural resources.

It also aims to meet the city residents’ demands, strengthen the region’s economy by creating, settling and empowering a decentralised civil entity with broad powers and independent financial disclosure in response to the aspirations and demands of the Fezzan residents.

Fezzan residents also reiterated their rejection of any foreign interference in Libyan affairs, confirming that they are able to settle their problems through transparent national dialogue exempt from any external influences.