Libyan FM Al-Hwaij: “Turkey’s Delusions Will Never Come True”


The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Libyan Interim Government, Abdul-Hadi Al-Hwaij, said that the era of Ottoman Sultan and firmans from the Sublime Porte was gone and will never return.

In statements to Al-Bayan newspaper, Al-Hwaij condemned the recent aggressive remarks by the Turkish Minister of Defense, Hulusi Akar, against the UAE. The Libyan official stressed that the clock will not turn back, and that the Turkish regime’s attempts to restore a vanished era were mere illusions that will never be fulfilled.

He also confirmed that any attempt by Turkey to invade Libya will be thwarted by the strong will of the Libyan people, the complete readiness of the Libyan National Army (LNA), and the supporting positions of the Arab brotherly countries, stressing that the descendants of Omar al-Mukhtar will fiercely address all of Erdogan’s ambitions, and will end his anti-Arab and colonial project.

Al-Hwaij explained that the UAE is one of the few countries that defend Arab national security, ans denounces any attempts to undermine its principles.

He also congratulated the UAE on launching the Arab World’s first probe to Mars called “Hope”, in addition to initiating the first Arab peaceful nuclear energy reactor. Al Hawaij stressed how important these achievements are important compared to Turkey’s export of terrorism to many Arab countries, including Libya, and its project “to bring us back more than five centuries”, meaning to the time of Ottoman rule.

The Libyan top diplomat stated that the difference is clear between builders of hope and makers of civilisation; those who espouse values of peace, love and justice, and those who are advocates of strife and wars and financers of extremism and terrorism.

He noted: “Our brothers in the United Arab Emirates are working daily to present major accomplishments in order to open doors for a better future for the benefit of Arabs and humanity as a whole, while our enemies are trying to restore their defunct colonial history with the help of extremists who destroyed “The Gazelle” statue in our beloved capital Tripoli, which is part of the global human heritage.”

Al-Hwaij expressed his confidence in the LNA forces to protect their homeland; whatever the challenges they will face, and to turn the Libyan lands into a graveyard for the greedy and delusional invaders.