Arab League delegate to UN: The Libyan File is Going Through its Worst Because of Turkey


The Arab League delegate to the United Nations, Ambassador Majid Abdel Fattah, emphasized that Turkey’s intervention in Libya has made the Libyan file enter its worst time, especially with the continued arrival of weapons to Libya and the sending of mercenaries by foreign parties aspiring to achieve their interests at the expense of the Libyan people.

In press statements, Abdel Fattah discussed the tasks of Volkan Bozk─▒r, the Turkish candidate to preside over the 75th session of the United Nations, stressing that the Arab League will put him under a microscope and closely follow his implementation of the international organisation’s agenda.

Fattah also revealed obstacles facing the accreditation of the Turkish candidate for the presidency of this session, saying that many countries refused to accredit him because of their reservations to Turkish positions and Turkey’s interference in many countries and conflicts.

“7 countries objected to his candidacy and sent official notes of their objection and reservation to his candidacy, but that did not, of course, prevent the Turkish candidate from being elected and to become the only fifth candidate to be elected by voting during the past 75 years,” the Arab League delegate to the United Nations added.