GNA’s Interior Ministry Announces Arrest of 55 Illegal Immigrants


On Sunday, the Ministry of Interior from the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA), announced the arrest of 55 illegal immigrants from different nationalities in the city of Zliten, also noting the arrest of a Libyan citizen who was involved in coordinating the migration process.

In a statement, the ministry said that among the immigrants are 4 women and 6 children under the age of 18, adding that the Libyan person “has transported the bodies of two illegal immigrants who were dead due to malnutrition to the warehouse”.

The first details of this came from the Zliten Naval Smuggling and Infiltration Unit of the Naval Operations Office at the General Department of Coast Security. It indicated the presence of a number of illegal immigrants in a warehouse, ready to cross the sea from the coast in Zliten, according to the ministry.

The Interior Ministry pointed out the raid of the place, the transfer of the detainees to the unit’s headquarters and the provision of humanitarian and medical assistance to them in cooperation with the Zliten Security Directorate and the ambulance and emergency apparatus. Legal measures will also be taken against them, with the opening a record gathering inferences by the Friday Police Center of the Zliten Security Directorate, in addition to the handover of those involved to the police station to be referred to public prosecution .

The statement also pointed out the handover of illegal immigrants to the Zliten Immigration Shelter Centre, which is affiliated with the Anti-Illegal Immigration Authority in terms of jurisdiction.

On Friday, the Ministry of the Interior announced the rescues made by the patrols of the Anti-Smuggling and Infiltration Unit, including 6 illegal immigrants of different nationalities, and the recovery of a corpse in the area between Ghout Al-Rumman and Garabulli.