Libya’s Electricity Authority: Remarkable Improvement in Power Grid in Hours


On Saturday, the Head of the General Authority for Electricity and Renewable Energy of Libya’s Interim Government, Fakhri Al-Mismari, said that the coming few hours will see remarkable improvements in the country’s electricity grid.

In a statement, Al-Mismari added that the authority’s workers managed to re-operate the third unit of the Al-Sarir power plant, while gas continues to flow from the Al-Tahadi field to supply various gas stations in the country, at a rate of 190 million cubic feet per day. This is slightly less than the required rate estimated at 240 megawatts.

He noted that they also have resumed the operation of the Benghazi North Power Plant, confirming that there will be no power shortage during the coming period.

He pointed out that this implementation follows the instructions of the Interim Government’s Prime Minister, Abdullah Al-Thani and his direct supervision on the maintenance works of the power plants.

The head of the General Authority for Electricity announced that the company’s engineers and technicians were able to perfectly carry out all maintenance works at the al-Sarir power plant, which will work at a capacity of 250 megawatts.

He said that the company was also able to repair the steam power plant in northern Benghazi, to add an additional capacity of 120 megawatts.

Al-Mismari confirmed that re-operating those units within the coming hours will end the problem of power shortages linked to heavy loads.