Health Minister Agoub’s Message to Citizens and Health Facilities Following Curfew Approval


On Sunday, the Minister of Health of the Libyan Interim Government and a member of the Supreme Committee to Combat Coronavirus, Dr. Saad Agoub, sent a message to Libyan citizens after the first days of the curfew’s extension, starting from 7pm. This is part of precautionary measures taken by the state to confront the oronavirus epidemic, and to protect Libyans from any dangers they may be exposed to.

According to a press briefing by the Health Ministry, Agoub confirmed that he is certain of the Libyan people’s response to security measures and their cooperation with police efforts to implement them in order to maintain the security and public health of citizens. He pointed out that it will take legal measures against violators in order to preserve the highest safety rates for citizens.

“The approval to impose a curfew in Libya is based on the decision of the Supreme Committee to Combat the Coronavirus Epidemic and the recommendations of the Medical Consultative Committee,” he said. He also indicated that “the approval of the curfew was based on practical reading and consultations with Consultative Committees and experts in the Ministry of Health, other ministries and official bodies, to reach the best way to protect people and control the outbreak of the COVID-19 disease.”

“We have been keen in the Ministry of Health to be fully transparent and to keep our people and the public opinion informed of developments and updates related to the coronavirus, as well as suspected or diagnosed cases because we are in one ship, and the interest of the homeland is the basis and directive of our work” the Minister added.

He said: “staying in your homes and adhering to the ban and following the health recommendations and instructions issued by official institutions is the only way currently adopted to escape the catastrophic repercussions of the spread of the epidemic. God forbid, otherwise, we will be exposed to a large spread of the disease due to mixing and the speed of its transmission through human gatherings such as social visits, cultural, artistic, sports, and other activities.”

“We urge our Libyan National Army and security agencies to impose the decision to isolate cities and impose curfews, and we ask them not to allow anyone outside the exceptions stipulated in movement decisions so that the health and service authorities can carry out their duties in taking precautionary measures and sterilizing residential institutions and areas,” Agoub added.

The Minister of Health appealed to all health facility managers in the country to apply the curfew, with a focus on providing medical gases, electricity, and diesel fuel systems for hospital generators and maintaining them periodically, and making sure that mercy rooms and mortuary refrigerators are ready. “At the same time, all state institutions are required to support the efforts of our ministry, the supporting ministries and agencies participate in the efforts to combat the spread of the coronavirus epidemic by all means to ensure the success of our efforts in providing the best services to the infected” he said.

Agoub also praised all the continuous efforts made by the directors of health facilities in the country to organise the work of the Libyan health sector in light of the current crisis and to meet all challenges as well as the keenness of the Libyan health sector workers. He asked them to do more to push the wheel forward.