Chadian President Accuses International Community of Excluding African Union from Libyan Solution


Chadian President, Idriss Deby, defended his position on the Libyan crisis, as well as his preference for the Commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA), Khalifa Haftar. He accused the international community of seeking to exclude African states from helping to resolve the conflict.

Deby denied choosing one side over another in the conflict, but added, “Who is hosting the terrorists today? Which camp recruits and harbours mercenaries? Which camp destabilises all Sahel countries? We have the right to defend ourselves with the choices we make. Containing terrorist attacks in western Libya, and expelling mercenaries are two evils that now plague the Sahel region”, he said.

In this regard, he indicated that rebel groups were attacking the Chadian army in Tibesti, using southern Libya as a base for their activities. The President stated that these rebel groups are fighting in the ranks of militias in Misrata, and the south, adding that the situation in Libya exacerbated insecurity in the entire Sahel.

President Deby denounced foreign intervention in Libya. He emphasized that Turkey was not the only country to intervene in Libya, saying: “There are many agendas; all of them do not work in favour of stability, and a return to peace.”

Regarding the reasons for the continuation of foreign interference, he claimed this was due to the great wealth Libya possesses. “After the killing of Gaddafi, who benefits from this oil? Is it the Libyans?” he asked.

He added that it was difficult to end the crisis at this point. It has now become a proxy war, in pursuit of competing economic interests.

President Deby adheres to the position of reaching a settlement of the conflict, by African states. He accused the international community of seeking to exclude the African Union, and African countries from resolving the conflict.

“There is no peace in Libya until the African Union returns to take full control of the issue”, he said.