LNA Thwarts Plot by ‘Islamic State’ Against Oil Facilities in South Libya


Four Islamic State (IS) elements have been killed in an attack conducted by the Libyan National Army (LNA) against a terrorist hideout in the town of Ghadwa, south of the city of Sebha, which is itself located in southern Libya.

A trustworthy source from the Southern Military Areas Operations Group of the LNA General Command said in a statement that the terrorists exchanged fire with members of the LNA who raided their den and continued to resist the attack for a while.

The source revealed the terrorists’ intention to target important oil installations in the south. After gathering the information, the forces prepared to carry out the attack and confirmed that there were no civilian casualties.

He added that one of the terrorists wearing an explosive belt blew himself up after his unsuccessful attempt to flee. This caused a massive explosion which was heard throughout the town.

The source pointed out that the information indicated that one of the IS members was a foreigner and had a high position in the terrorist organisation.

Regarding the identity of the IS elements that were killed in this operation, the source clarified that a statement will be issued later by the General Command of the Armed Forces regarding the full details of the operation.

He stressed that the existence of this group was threatening Libya and neighbouring countries, as it is linked to a foreign intelligence device controlling the west of the country.