Protestors in Sebha Reject Foreign Intervention in Libya


Several protesters in the city of Sebha have demonstrated in front of the Sebha Popular Theatre to express their dissatisfaction with foreign interference in Libya. The protesters are calling themselves the “August 15 Movement.”

The protesters demanded the UN mission to assume its responsibilities towards Libyan citizen.

In a statement, the protesters demanded as soon as possible the holding of a referendum on the constitution, the dissolution of all political institutions from the Libyan Parliament, the state, and the governments emanating from it, as well as a complete ceasefire among Libyans.

The statement stressed the need to form a national government to work on adopting the constitution and preparing for parliamentary, presidential, and municipal elections.

The statement stressed the complete rejection of the idea of creating self-governing regions in Libya and stressed the need to activate the judiciary to fight corruption and crime.

A group of youth also took part in demonstrations the city’s most important streets and called its movement the “Revolution of the Poor.” The protesters used slogans against corruption and the lack of electricity throughout the country.